Mini Splits

Mini Splits systems are much more energy efficient than window mounted AC units and don’t require complex, expensive ductwork. They allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms, and are a great choice for additions where installing ductwork is not feasible. They offer quiet technology and lose less heat than traditional forced air systems – saving money and energy. Mitsubishi and Gree are two great brands, that use quality materials when building their products which allows us to be confident in recommending them to our customers.

Forced Air Systems

Forced air systems are an efficient method of heating and cooling homes.

Since the 1880’s American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing reliable high quality HVAC equipment. Receiving multiple top homeowner satisfaction awards. American Standards products are put to the test within their SEET (Systems Extreme Environmental Testing) laboratory, enduring rigorous trials through harsh weather conditions. Their systems are built to last, and testing proves it.

Gas Furnace Awards
In 2022, a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard gas furnaces 5 out of 5, or excellent, in owner satisfaction, and 4 out of 5, or very good, in predicted reliability.

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Woman Turning On Mini Split At Home
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